Taekwondo Starter Kit

Everything about Taekwondo Starter kit

In this blog, we will discuss the startup equipment that every Taekwondo starter needs. 

Once you enroll in a Taekwondo class, it's recommended to have a Taekwondo Uniform (Called Dobok). You can choose any brand based on your budget. 

You can also have a Taekwondo shoes but it's optional as you can train barefoot.

Once you do around 2-3 Months and you start learning how to fight, you will need the Body Protector (Hugo) and the Groin Guard as a first step and the Arm & Shin protectors at another step. 

For more info, check out Taekwondo Fighters Academy and get in touch with us: www.taekwondobeirut.com

Enjoy Taekwondo Training and Stay Strong

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