Perfect Protection for your childrens' eyes

Perfect Protection for your childrens' eyes

100% UV-A & UV-B Protection

Ever had a sunburn on your skin? Hurts, right? Well, the same burn is actually happening to your eyes when out in the sun: UV-rays hit your eyes and can cause long term damage to the retina. Children's eyes are even more sensitive to UV rays: The large pupils are taking in 65% more sunlight than the eyes of adults. Additionally, kids are usually spending more time outside than grown ups. To avoid long term damage to your children's eyes, it is essential to protect them from UV-rays.

Category 3 Lenses

  • In general, sunglasses lenses are divided into four categories:
    CAT 0 - Very limited protection of sunglare.
    CAT 1 - Limited protection against sunglare.
    CAT 2 - Good protection against sunglare.
    CAT 4 - Very high protection against extreme sunglare, e.g. at sea, over snowfields, on high Mountains or in desert.

Protective Side Shields

Our special developed side shields make sure that no UV rays hit your kid's eye from the side. Sunlight is often reflected by water or snow which means that it can hit the eyes from all sides. To make sure that your kid plays safe on the beach and in the snow, we are proud to introduce our protective Side Shields.

Category 3 lenses are perfect for children's eyes: As they only allow 8-18% of light getting through, they perfectly prevent UV rays from hitting your kid's eye.


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